Multi-platform based on blockchain technology!

FreeMETA is a platform for creators and user’s playgrounds.
Enjoy FreeBLOX and AFT Market!

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Invest and sponsor at the same time!

AFT Market sells various contents of NFT items.
Please check out NFT items that can sponsor and for investment!

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Virtual Reality Platform!

Meet your friends by creating your virtual world.
Live streaming your space.

  • Windows

    Windows 10

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Smartphone Recommended Requirements

Type Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Android (AOS) Galaxy S8
OS: Android version 7.0 or higher
Galaxy Note10
Galaxy S10 or higher
iPhone (IOS) Not supported Not supported
Windows Mobile (WP) Not supported Not supported

PC Recommended System Requirements

Recommended System Requirements Minimum Requirements Recommended Requirements
Operating System Genuine Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10
(x86 32bit or x64 64bit)
Genuine Windows 10 (x64)
CPU Intel: Core i3-530 ㅣ AMD: A6-3650 ㅣ ARM: Not supported lntel: Core i5-3300 ㅣ AMD: Ryzen 3 1200 ㅣ ARM: Not supported
CPU Function SSE2 SSE4
Memory(RAM) 2GB 4GB
Free Space HDD 16GB or more SSD 16GB or more
Graphics Card NVidia: GeForce 9600GT ㅣ AMD: HD 6570
Intel: Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics
(1GB of video memory or more)
NVidia: GeForce 560 ㅣ AMD: HD 6950
Intel: Intel UHD 630 integrated graphics
(2GB of video memory or more)
Graphics Card Function Direct X Class 10 Hardware DirectX Class 11 Hardware
Recommended Graphics Settings Resolution: 1024x768, Quality: Low Resolution: 1920x1080, Quality: High